Jan 18


imagesRespite is a break from the responsibility of looking after someone. It may be for a few hours, a day, a night or even weeks. Respite is a way of relieving the stress of being a carer. If you are a carer, making time for yourself is important for your own health and well being. At Jasmine Care we understand the importance of this.

We can offer two options for you..
1. A day of respite for carers/family is available from 10 – 6pm, monday to friday. We will care for the individual within our resident facilities. This includes personal care if needed, midday and evening meal and refreshments.
2. We can also offer care within your own home. Following an assessment of needs, a carer will come to you home for a set period of time and provide all the usual needs/care for your loved one.

Do you care for an elderly relative or friend?
Would you like peace of mind if you have to go shopping, doctors appointment or to work but do not want to leave that someone on their own?
Do you need a break if you care for someone every day?

Please contact us for more information/advice or come for a visit, putting your mind at ease.

Telephone: 0034 600 306 605
Email: info@jasminecareservices.com